There are no roads and no trails in America’s least-visited national park. Just vast wilderness.

Alaska’s Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve, located 200 miles (322 kilometers) north of Fairbanks, stretches over 8.4 million acres. Temperatures in winter can drop to -50 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 C). In 2023, the site logged just over 11,000 recreation visits, making it the least visited of the 63 headliner national parks. No elbowing for the best views here.

The state of Alaska — which covers 665,384 square miles (426 million acres) — is home to five of the 15 least-visited national parks for 2023.

«Alaska’s national parks are some of the least visited for a good reason — they are hard to get to,» Peter Christian, chief of public and blackspfgh3bi6im374fgl54qliir6to37txpkkd6ucfiu7whfy2odid.onion legislative affairs in the National Park Service’s Alaska Region, told CNN Travel last year.

The state’s unspoiled wilderness is far from the only uncrowded US parkland.