флаг канады висит на флагштоке и развевается на ветру. векторная иллюстрация, изолированная на белом фоне. - acer service stock illustrationsPage 5 Conventions The next conventions are used in this manual Screen Messages Denote precise messages that appear on display. Give bits and pieces of further information Note related to he current subject. Provide you with a warning any damage that might outcome type doing or not Warning doing specific actions. 2 Firmware Upgraded Flow This chapter provides the knowledge regarding related equipments and upgrading process for firmware improve. Note: Please check the firmware and composer model earlier than any firmware improve procedures. During firmware download period, please do not shut down Pc or projector, it will trigger flash memory’s harm. Page 12 2. Installation starts. Next to proceed the installa tion course of. Page 13 USB Support — Installation (All Platforms) This release consists of assist for a USB communications interface to DDP2000-based projectors. The setup program includes the files needed to put in USB assist (for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP solely — Win95 and WinNT aren’t supported). Yes 12. Watch for the Completion of Burning after which remove Power Cord and Burning Cable. 60 Anti-static wrist strap Anti-static wrist gloves 3.2 Disassembly Procedure Warning Placed on the Static Electricity Ring when beginning for restore. Repair Environment recommend in Clean-room class 10000. Don’t remove Optical Engine or DMD panel exterior the clean room. Page 17 Step Figure Description 1. Press the facility button to shutdown the projector and disconnect the power cord. 2. Flip the projector and remove the lens cover. 4 Raise the top cowl gently and disconnect the keypad FFC between the highest cover and mainboard. Four to take away the keypad . Remove the Lens Cover and Lens Ring gently. Four transferring Bottom Cover. 1. Unplug the LED Drive Board from Main Board. 2 Drive Board take away the Drive Board Heat sink. 1. Unplug Photo Sensor Wire and Fan Wire Fan Wire Photo Sensor Wire from the primary Board. 3. 3. Remove Main Board. 2. Unplug the three LED Wires. Four for elevating the DMD Board and DMD Heat sink. 2 remove the main target-ring. 4 take away the Lens. 3 to take away the DC Fan. 2 to take away the heat sink. Four Note Note: When assembling the Thermal Pad protection film heat sink, please take the LED Thermal Pad protection film off firstly. Four Troubleshooting and Verifying the Repair This chapter provides technicians and other people who have an digital background a primary description about maintaining the product. Moreover, you will get the suitable operation to unravel some complicated issues of element repairing and professional issues. Verifying the Repair After repairing projector (Dissembling and assembling projector), Repair center ought to verify the standard of repaired unit. Here is a normal guide for all repaired mannequin. Meaning if the projector is without S-Video port, restore middle can skip the portion of S-Video verification. Page 30 (3) Image Quality Projected image dimension: 25 inches (diagonal length). Zoom ring: Adjust zoom ring to broad (Maximum projection dimension). I/O port Monitor In (VGA) Standard Pattern generator acer service (Ex. Page 31 Circular Geometry, Cross hatch and Dots 1. The 4 traces of outer body mustn’t solely be existent but also distinguishable. 2. The dots within the square must be distinguishable. Video Video I/O port Test Equipment Standard Pattern generator (Ex. DVD participant No apparent color deviation on the projected picture Criteria Connector Information This part supplies every connector location on boards and operate of each board. They will be useful to your detecting the defective boards. Appendix A: Measurement technique and Formula Equipment : Chroma 7600 Video Pattern Generator values Set projection diagram to large size, 25 » inches diagonal picture 1. Bightness measurement Measure the incident gentle at th e ANSI nine points of the screen with the illuminometer positioned within the plane of the centered picture on normal white situation. Light Uniformity Dark corner (Min(L10, L11)/Avera L1, L2,…,L9, L10, L11: the lx studying of thirteen ANSI factors 4. Contrast measurement(JBMA) First measure the light output of nature white pattern of ANSI 9 points. Second, measure the darkish pattern as the identical approach. And calculate the ratio of them. When engaged on the projector, use appropriate anti -static precautions akin to anti -static mats, wrist straps and grounded work surfaces. Failure to do this could destroy static-sensitive parts and make the product inoperable.